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Welcome to Fireplocker! Fireplocker is a website started by two brothers who love gaming. This website focuses on gaming tips for all different genres and gaming product reviews. We’re here to provide, inform, and entertain.

Who Are We

My name is Kevin, and I am the guy doing most of the stuff on the backend. Although you see me play games here and there, I spend most of my time managing the technical stuff like creating written content and editing my brother’s gaming footage.

If you’re watching our videos, you’re watching my brother, Andrew, most of the time playing games.

Gaming has been a massive part of our lives since we were young. I was holding my first Nintendo DS when I was seven and spending all my free time since then playing games. With only a three year age gap between my brother and me, my brother started gaming as soon as he could talk to play with me.

We’re not the best gamers in the world, but we aren’t the worst either.

League of Legends is the game we play the most. Both of us average around Platinum elo, which is in the middle of the pack for competitive League of Legends rankings.

We’re not limited to League of Legends either. Andrew also plays a lot of Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, Fortnite, Osu! and a lot more depending on his mood. For me, I often play the same games he does, except for shooters.

Games, A Waste Of Time?

You know how most people, usually our parents, will always talk about how much time you and I waste on gaming?

For the longest time, it was all about reducing the amount of time we spent on games and increasing the amount of time studying. Our parents would always compare our game times with other children saying that we needed to work harder.

“Games can’t make you a living. You’ll know when you grow up.”

For me, that was true. Slowly, over time, I realized that I needed to do other things if I wanted to live the life I dream of. And that meant cutting down my gaming time. And I did.

I played fewer games and spent more time doing more productive things, but my life didn’t get vastly better. Games were a part of my life. I was happy playing games (as long as I didn’t lose) and realized that playing games is something I can’t just force out of my life.

And it’s even more true for my brother. I can spend a week or two without playing any games. He can’t.

But the problem still stands. The more time we spend playing games, the less time we have to build a life we want. How can we play games without becoming the stereotype 40-year-old guy who lives in his mom’s basement?

The Creation Of Fireplocker

I was on Facebook one day reading through posts in a group about e-commerce store. One guy was asking about the skills needed to start an e-commerce store, and he talked about how the only skills he had were in League of Legends.

I was thinking, “I’m the exact same as that guy.”

I’m a little different now in that I’ve built new skills, but in the past when I just started out working on things such as online businesses, I can’t count the number of times I told myself I wished I spent more time doing other things rather than playing games. It felt like I had no skills.

Everyone else seemed to be an expert in something. Whether it was art, writing, music, programming, or whatever, they were able to make an income.

And here I am trying to do something like programming and realizing that I have so much to learn before I can do anything. I wish I had spent all the time I spent gaming doing something like programming.

Then I was thinking. Do you see all those streamers and YouTubers? I used to think that to be successful gaming, you either had to have the funniest personality or be the best player.

But I dug deeper and found various people who were neither, and yet, they had huge followings. Those people were just like my brother and I. Middle of the pack in terms of skill and not a humorous or exciting person.

And I found the truth. You don’t need to be funny or be the best player; you need to be helping people out.

I’ve been playing games for a long time. I was pretty much the go-to guy for all the new players. What if I share everything my brother and I know about games to you as well?

And that’s when Fireplocker was born.

Sharing All Our Knowledge

Our goal on Fireplocker is to share everything we know about the games we play and review gaming products to help you make the right choice.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Kevin & Andrew


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